T'nel's Troop

A Tour of the House

What's behind door #1?

After a small discussion outside, most of the party decides to go in and see what the place looks like. Hrothgar and Salmacus do not like the look/smell/texture of what they are seeing so they decide to stay outside. Everyone else is ushered into the foyer by Lucio, the Steward, and Leroy, the butler. The rest of the staff precede the party into the house, but do not hang around. Instead they head off to do whatever they are supposed to do (at least that is what the party believes).

The foyer is very nice, but the party can easily see that the former owner was not kind to the property. There are spots on the walls where pictures or tapestries used to be and there are other spots where a decorative display would make sense yet there is nothing there. There is another discussion on where to go first.

The winner of that discussion was the office. Lucio then states that Lord Fritz never kept an office. There is plenty of shaking heads at this, but the party eventually ends up in the Trophy Room. This room has also been mostly stripped bare.Here the question “Is there anyplace you are not comfortable going?” and Lucio answers the basements.

Next stop – the basements!

The party is walked through some of the back rooms and sees the Dining room and the kitchen. The stairs leading down are at the back of the kitchen.

The first level in the basement is food/wine storage. There seems to be room to expand, but no plans to do so are mentioned. Most of the food and all the wine is gone. There are some basic food stuff stored here, but it seems Lord Fritz really did a number of the supplies. The one room of interest here is the cold storage room which is kept cool (even cold) by magic.

The second level in the basement has many rooms, which are mostly bare. This level is dedicated to furniture and such storage. Rooms would be swapped out and stored down here. A lot of the furniture was either destroyed or sold by Lord Fritz.

The third level is, for lack of better terms, a prison block. There are many 10×10 cells. There are also two larger more elaborate cells off from the main cells. A keyring is found in the first office which unlocks all the doors except the fancy cells. The fancy cells have dual locks, but Salmacus is able to use her Knock spell to get in the cells.

The party had decided to open the second cell because no sound could be heard from it. The cell is empty. It is a 30×20 room with many rings in the wall where chains could be positioned to hold someone/something in different configurations.

The first cell, where noises were heard, was then unlocked and the door was opened. Inside was a halfling chained to the wall upside. Vivian wanted to rush in and free him immediately, but was cautioned. Lucio who had not desired to come onto the third level was retrieved. He remembered the halfling, who introduced himself as Larson, coming to the manor and asking after Lord Fritz. Lucio though had thought Larson had left because Lucio had not seen him in quite some time.

Mordica decided to suspend Larson right side up and continue asking questions. Larson did not seem terribly put out by his surroundings and gave some rather cryptic answers to the parties questions. Mordica was wrapping up and ready to leave when he and Mokpad, guarding the door, heard a pop. Larson had dislocated his thumbs to slid his hands through the manacles. By the time Mokpad was ready to react, Larson was by him and running down the hall toward the exit.

Vivian and Kia came around the corner to see what the commotion was and quickly decided to check upstairs to make sure Larson had not harmed anyone. After coming back up to the main level though they are distracted by the knowledge there is a library/reading room and a study. After going through these rooms it is decided to have lunch and see the rest of the house.

What happened to Larson? And what is his story?

It is quickly decided that Lucio is not going to divulge much without direct questioning, so the tour is a little stalled. There



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