T'nel's Troop

T'nel's Request

The party members responded to a help wanted ad at a house in a very residential part of town. At this time the party was fragmented into 4 groups. T’nel was asking the group to join as one and investigate a location he had visited in the past and look for evidence of a former friend. They were not given too many details, except they would be able to keep whatever they found and on their return they would be paid rather well.

They set off in a ship supplied by T’nel. The ranger, Kia, actually had some experience piloting a ship and that came in rather handy. The voyage was not terribly long and they soon arrived at the appointed island. It was easily recognized by the twin peaks growing out the trees.

They set off into the interior of the island. Along the way most of the island inhabitants did not bother the party except for a displacer beast. This attacked in the middle of the night and gave the party quite a fit before succumbing to their physical attacks. After cleaning up a bit they went back to sleep to continue on in the morning.

They arrived at the base of the twin peaks and began walking around the one they believed to hold their goal. After walking for half the day, they began to see old signs of massive struggle. T’nel had mentioned he had been performing some high level magic experiments while his bodyguard was set to keep the uninvited outside.

The party then found the entrance to T’nel’s cave and began traveling down its length. The darkness within the cave was rather stubborn and resisted their light. After about 100 feet, the hallway opened into a room. There were several tables laying around with different pieces of equipment. A little further in they encountered a stone cage. Within the cage was what looked like a skeleton sitting against the bars of the cage. As they moved closer, they realized the skeleton was really a living man who was very old in appearance and did not seem to be doing very well.

Walking around the cage, they saw a strange creature pinned to the wall by two swords. The creature was several feet off the floor. The other thing they noticed about the creature is he seemed rather dead.

After several minutes the party was able to figure out the man in the cage was indeed alive and quite possibility the person they were sent to discover. After a few failed attempts they were able to break apart the cage and release the man inside. He was very thankful and also seemed ready to sleep outside of the cage. The cage had some weird effect that was keeping him locked in the cage and not slowly drained his energy while not killing him.

The party woke to a loud noise. The night of sleep helped reverse the effects of the cage on the man. He was retrieving his swords from the wall that held up the creature. As the swords were released, the creature fell to the ground and fell apart.

The man came back over and introduced himself as Ra-Bor. He explained how he had stayed outside the cave entrance and fought many creatures while T’nel was inside busy with his work. As T’nel was wrapping up, the creature seen on the wall had approached and forced Ra-Bor to retreat within the cave. As the battle wore on, the creature had raised the cage from the stone floor. Ra-Bor realized he was trapped and was already feeling the effects so he threw his swords to pin the creature against the wall. His hope was to save T’nel so T’nel could then save Ra-Bor. Ra-Bor just did not realize T’nel would escape and not come back.

Ra-Bor went back with the party. As soon as the landed at the pier, Ra-Bor pretty much took off. The party went back to T’nel’s house to report success and request payment. Payment was delivered and the party decided to stay together and seek other work.



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