T'nel's Troop

Lord of the Hunt

The party was fresh off their success and were loaded with money. Hrothgar and Salmacis had a nice room in Calm Seas Inn and Tavern so the rest of the newly minted party decided to join them there. After setting up an account with the bartender, Jimmy, they set about making themselves at home.

The next morning, Hrothgar and Mokpad were out sparing in the woods when Hrothgar was distracted by a rather large animal out of the corner of his eye. When they went to investigate they saw the largest bear either of them had ever seen. Wanting to get a closer look, they began to follow the bear. The woods here are not too thick, but the bear went behind a stand of trees and then seemed to vanish. They immediately ran to the spot of the last sighting, but there was nothing. No tracks or anything.

They went back into town to tell the others and try and figure out what they had just seen. They found the rest of the party sitting in the common room and began relating the story to them. Halfway through the telling, a guy sitting near the door gets up in a hurry and leaves. Mordica Fiennes and Vivian follow him down the main street and into an alleyway. They are just in time to catch what looks like a large paw going over the edge of the building at the end of the alley. They do not see any way up the building beyond climbing the walls. They were only maybe 10 seconds behind the guy.There are some clothes freshly mangled at the base of the wall.

They head back to the Inn with the sad news.

After a field trip out to see if the entire party can locate bear ends up without success they decided to head out on the town for a nice dinner and some drinks. They ended up in the Whaling Wind Tavern and found a spot at a table and ordered their food and drink. After the food/drink arrived the main door was opened and in walked another group. This group was obviously led by a fellow named Lord Fritz. Several party members went over to talk with him and discovered he was hunting a large and dangerous prey. They wished him well and then left for the evening.

The next morning everyone heads out for the sparring exercise. Some are better than others, but the exercise is good for everyone. After about 30 minutes of this they hear some large creature tearing through the underbrush. They head off in that direction and see a large wolfman headed away from town. They figure this is the fellow they tracked into the alleyway the other day, so they decide to follow him again.

Mordica is not sure the party is acting in their best interest, so he slows down and falls behind. The rest of party end up crashing through to a clearing. Within the clearing are 7 werewolves and 1 very large werebear. There are 6 werewolves directly circling the werebear and then there is 1 other werewolf off to the side. This one is larger than the other wolves (yet still smaller than the bear) and seems to be directing the other 6.

After careful consideration, Salmacis decides to cast sleep on the bear. The result of this action is for the bear to roar in her direction and toss his club (a smallish tree) in her direction. Luckily the part is able to scatter and figure out their next course of action. At this point. Hrothgar steps forward, shouts a battle cry and charges a wolf. As he swings his sword to draw First Blood he loses his grip and his sword is instead thrown through the clearing and out the clearing. He then had to make a choice, sword or wolf.

Salmacis began shooting Magic Missiles at her target, Mokpad engaged another wolf with his Great Axe, Kia targeted another wolf first with her bow and then sword, and Vivian started swinging away at another wolf. After a few minutes Mordica walked into the clearing and seeing what was going on started summoning celestial insects and flame elementals to keep the different wolves busy.

The large wolf, who turned out to be Lord Fritz, came over to break the party up. He first targeted Salmacis and then began to spread his attacks around. Vivian ended up stopping her attacks to keep people absorbing the punishment up through her healing spells.

In the meantime, Hrothgar had started grappling with his target. He did so well in the first round he had his wolf on the ground and was wearing him down without further assistance. Kia was having no luck with her mundane weapons and also went with grappling. In the meantime, the bear was using the distraction to cause massive damage to any wolf still in range.

After several more minutes of combat, Lord Fritz was the last wolf standing. That is until the bear came down on his head with a vicious overhead smash. This was the end of the Lord of the Hunt. The bear then morphed back into human form. After several minutes of chatting with him the party headed back into town for some rest and more drink.



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