T'nel's Troop

A Night on the Town

4th Adventure

Hrothgar and Mokpad went out in the morning to spar and exercise. While out Hrothgar was distracted by something and went tearing off into the woods. Mokpad sat around for a while, but realized Hrothgar might be gone for a while so he went back into town to let everyone know. When Salmacus heard this, she grabbed her stuff and headed out to track him down.

The rest of the party spent the remainder of the morning catching up on the news. Mordica had received news some friends were in town and the group was going over there to meet up with them. His friends were staying in the Screaming Child Inn and would be there around 2:00p.

The group, minus Hrothgar and Salmacus, headed over and arrived a little before 2:00p. This Inn was not as nice as their current favorite, but still a decent place. They took a seat, ordered some food and spent the time watching the people.

The food and drink arrived, but Mordaci’s friends did not show up. It was a little worrisome, so he strode over to the Innkeeper. The Innkeeper was not aware of their whereabouts.

As Mordaci arrived back their table, a small individual in a cloak walked through the door and stopped. He scanned the room and when his eyes settled on the party, he walked over to them. He said hello and asked if the party was interested in a business opportunity. Being adventures in their prime they all said sure and were led up to a room in the Inn.

The floor above had doors along both sides leading into rooms. There was a window on either end of the hallway and then a light on both sides in the middle of the hallway. The door the cloaked individual leads them to is in about one quarter of the way down. This door is mostly in shadows.

Mokpad had recently discovered Blind-Sight. While walking down the hallway he decided to work on his new sense, especially after the Prince Ijan battle turning out to be an illusion. The surroundings all came back with normal noises, but the cloaked individual had no reading except for visual.

The cloaked individual opened the door and motioned the group in. They all walked through the door and into a rather small room. This room had a small bed, chest, window and wash stand. It was otherwise bare.

His offer was fairly simple. He was tasked with finding agents to help his Master set up “shop” in this town. His Master needed capable people to do the physical labor required in this governmental change. Anyone directly responsible for helping with this endeavor would be handsomely rewarded.

The party was a little skeptical and actually decided to not take up the offer. They said they wanted to talk about it. The cloaked individual gave them a business card and told them “When you are ready to accept, burn this card and I will appear.”

The party went back downstairs to see if Mordaci’s friends had shown up, which they had not, and then decided to head back home. After arriving back at their Inn and finding out that Hrothgar and Salmacus were still out, Mordaci and Vivian headed over to the Church of Dwayna to ask for advice. They had both received rather bad vibes from the cloaked individual and needed higher level guidance.

After many different rooms with many different, bored priests they were finally ushered into a room. They started in on their story (again), but this time when they handed over the card the priest actually looked at it. He stood up and walked into the corner where he had a small altar looking area setup. He mumbled and gestured for a while and then stepped back. His voice was shaking when he said “It is good that you brought us this card. Where did you get this from again?”

Showing great patience, they went through the story again. The entire time, the priest was staring at the card. When he picked up, they were able to catch a glimpse of some gold script on it. This script was not visible when they had held it. Whatever the priest had done had brought this script into the visible realm.

Another cleric came in, Brother Andrew, and walked them out to the main lobby. The entire time, Mordaci and Vivian were asking him different questions about what just happened. Brother Andrew answered them very well and gave them absolutely no information whatsoever.

Arriving back at the Inn, the party decided to head back to the Screaming Child Inn to see if the missing friends had shown up for dinner. Upon arriving they notice the place is practically packed to the gills. Every place at every bench is taken except for the row of benches closest to the stage. This area is occupied by 6 men, 1 of them obviously in charge of the others. It seems that most people know to leave this area free, although the party does witness a few people rebuffed from sitting in the area.

The party wanders over to the bar to inquire about the friends. As Mordaci is asking the Innkeeper, the rest of the party is becoming enthralled with the night’s entertainment. There is a smallish, elven girl on stage and she is singing in a voice that sounds like several voices in one. This must be the reason for the huge press of people.

Mordaci turns around and is wondering what is going on when he witnesses an old man walk in and make his way over to one of the empty tables. As he is sitting down, 2 men are dispatched to deal with the interloper. There are words exchanged and then the old man is pushed off the bench. The old man stands up and goes to sit down again. He pushed down again. At this point another 2 men stand up and begin to walk over to see what is going on.

Mordaci decides at this point to help out the old man. Before heading over though he drops a Globe of Silence over his friends in hopes of breaking the spell. He then heads in the direction of the old man by going over the tables.

The rest of the party is suddenly in a sound free area. Mokpad is the first to realize this. He comes to and sees his friend heading over some tables. Looking out in front of Mordaci, he sees four men with swords facing an old man. The old man is parrying their attacks, which seem to not be very serious, but still does not seem very fair. He figures this is where Mordaci is headed and decides to do the same.

Vivian is the next to act. She sees that Mordaci and Mokpad are heading in the same direction and decides to go there to help, but takes a different route. She is going to head down the bar and then use the open space in front of the stage instead of trying to beat through the crowds. While she is beginning to head off, Kia snaps too and decides to follow Vivian’s chosen path.

It takes some time for the party to show up at the confrontation. By this point, the old man is not quite so old. He and his equipment seem to be going through some reverse aging process. He is moving a lot better and his assailants are becoming frustrated and attacking with more purposes. Mokpad is the first to arrive and swings his axe into one of the attackers side. He was only trying to subdue the fellow and does just that by sending him through the air to land on a table in front of Mordaci. Mordaci then jumps to the floor behind Mokpad to cover his friends back.

As Vivian walks past the final two people sitting in the front section they stand up and follow. Mordaci sees this and advances upon them. Vivian has time to prepare her action so no harm comes to her or Mordaci. Kia comes around the corner at this point, sees the situation and draws her sword, advancing to cut off retreat.

The “old man” uses Mokpad’s arrival to great benefit. He lunges and perfectly skewers one of his attackers. At this another attackers decides to back off, but is really too scared to move far. Mokpad advances on him and scares him into submission. The final attack is backed into a corner where he quickly realizes he is outmatched and dives through the window.

Mordaci knocks one of the two final men on the head. The poor fellow crumples to the floor. The final guy does a feint or two and then everyone hears “STOP IT!”. This comes from the singer who is sitting on the edge of the stage in tears. The final bully drops his sword and takes off. He is heard screaming “This is not over yet!” Kia calmly bends over and picks up the man’s sword.

The party walks over to the “old man” and introduces himself as the Avatar of War. He just needed a few rounds of fighting to get the blood flowing again. He offers to buy the party drinks and spends the evening telling them about all the different battles and wars he has fought in.

When the Tavern side of the Inn calls for closing the party heads back home feeling pretty good that even though Ian, the Avatar, did not need their help it was an evening well spent.

Too bad Hrothgar missed all the fun!



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