Prince Ijan


Short cut light brown hair on a fair skinned face of fine features. A small, thin mustache is the only facial hair. He moves with the grace of a trained fighter. His clothes are made of nice material with a very good cut. He has a pleasant voice and is well spoken.

When agitated, his face will cloud up more with confusion than anger. When provoked he will not hesitate to defend himself.


Prince Ijan is a tragic figure. He is the last in a line of protectors charged with safe guarding the Church of Dwayna’s Catalog of Items. Since birth he was educated, conditioned and trained to perform this sacred duty. Soon after his 7th birthday, he began to hear voices in his head. He believed at the time, Dwayna was communicating directly to him and leading his growth and development personally. It was not until he turned 13 that he began to question the origin of the voice. By this point he found he leaned heavily on the insight the voice offered.

At 13, Prince Ijan was first introduced directly to the book he was to protect. After the first meeting, the voice seemed to take a different track in his head. It was suggesting things that went contrary to previous insights. The more he prayed the stronger the voice became. Through his prayer, he finally decided the voice really was Dwayna, but everyone else had been corrupted by another force.

—In truth, Prince Ijan had been corrupted by Lyssa who was rather ticked off at Dwayna and decided to take revenge by “stealing” the Catalog. The final move in Lyssa’s plan was to incite several tribes of orcs to attack the family’s keep. At the same time, Lyssa allowed Prince Ijan to discover a “hidden” sword. This sword allowed the young Prince to tap directly into her power to increase his already formidable fighting skills. In the confusion of the attack, she convinced Prince Ijan to run with the book to keep it safe. Things went very well, even down to the detail of several Knights giving chase.

At the top of the barrow, surrounded on all sides, Prince Ijan was sure he was going to die and decided to do so swinging. Lyssa realizing the young Prince would most likely not survive and the book would fall back into the hands of the Knights, blasted the young Prince. She knew the book would survive and Prince Ijan would not.

She pulled the book and the Prince’s body into the barrow and set up a strong Programed Illusion to keep people away from the book.

Prince Ijan

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