Lord Fritz


Dark, well groomed and dressed in fancy threads. He traveled with 6 companions, who looked every bit the part of servants (and ruffians). He spoke softly until you stumbled upon his favorite topic – hunting.

His clothes were all of a dark color and expensive material. He had a medallion on a necklace visible sometimes under his shirt.

When in his “true” form, he stood about 7 feet tall and covered in brown fur. His medallion was very visible in this form. Around his wrist he had golden bracers.


Very confident of his abilities to hunt and kill his target. The hunt is his life and is what ultimately brought him down. He did not believe he could be defeated by any one individual. He just did not count on the combined power of a group of 6 individuals. Nor did he count on the good will of others toward his target.

Lord Fritz

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